Neat time consumer! :)

Neat time consumer! :)

Postby Zamaje » Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:51 am

Hey ya'll,
I was reading my webcomics that include this (of course!) and others and saw that the creator was promoting a game I play a lot. The game is League of Legends. I was thinking that I'd introduce ya'll to it since I've found it to be such a great game. (Also I get referral points :P ) This is the link in order to sign up and have a great time!. ... c507179630

All you have to do is follow the link above and play great, enjoyable games to get your level up to 5. Just remember to always work as a team ;) .

P.S.- They like to say, 'See you on the Fields of Justice' so I'll do the same. Feel free to add me to since my username will be the same on there as it is here. Just make sure to mention why you're adding me when I add you or I'll end up deleting you cause I won't know who you are :o! Oh! I almost forgot. Since the expos are always about pizza, I've found that the best way to enjoy pizza with others is to do it around a group game.
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